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the first and best LJ community dedicated to Project Runway on Bravo and Lifetime!
This is the first and best LiveJournal community dedicated to Bravo/Lifetime's reality series, Project Runway!

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Hosted by supermodel and fashion maven Heidi Klum, the hit series provides budding designers with an opportunity to launch their careers in fashion, under the watchful eye of mentor and Liz Claiborne Chief Creative Officer, Tim Gunn. The wildly successful competition reality series has proven to be one of television’s most talked-about shows and was the highest-rated reality competition on all of cable for 2008.

Don't get Lifetime but still want to watch this season? Episodes are online at Lifetime.com the Saturday after airing.

Community Rules

While this community is meant to be fun, please remember that as we get more members, there are some simple rules that should be followed:
  1. Please do not make intro posts or one line observations - with over 4000 members, this community can get pretty full pretty fast.

  2. When posting, use a subject line to describe your post's topic, to help others find posts they're looking for.
    Bad Examples: "Hi" "Did you notice" "Spoilers!" "I HATE"
    Good Examples: "Chloe's Elle Scans" "Bonnie Spoilers for the Next Episode"

  3. Check back posts (including the page summary) before posting to be sure that what you are about to post hasn't been discussed.

  4. Every Thursday night, a discussion post will be posted. Please use this post INSTEAD of posting your own entry. Moderated posting will be put in place as a precaution.

  5. Episode details/opinions/discussion, aka spoilers, should be put under an LJ-cut from the episode airing time on the east coast until Saturday night after airing to everyone a chance to see the episode on Lifetime or online (see above) before being spoiled.

  6. Please also use a cut for pictures, scans, articles, long entries (approx. 10 lines or more), and spoilers. The cut text should describe what is under it, to save people from spoilers and crashed browsers.

  7. Posting icons here is fine and dandy, but please don't make icon requests. Use pr_icons.

  8. Any offensive content, spammage, or plugs for non-PR communities will be deleted. Please don't comment on spam. Spammers will be removed and/or banned.

If your post breaks a rule, it may be deleted.

Links & Resources

Official Sites
Official Lifetime Site (Season 6+)
Official Bravo Site (Season 5)
Online Store
Project Runway Blog

Blogging Project Runway
Tom and Lorenzo
Project Runway @ Wikipedia

If you have any suggestions for links to have here (or if you have an LJ community you want to affiliate with this one), please comment here.

Last updated 2012-09-14. Please send corrections and updates to your moderators.

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