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Discussion Thread guidelines

Ok I really need to understand the Discussion Thread stuff. There are like 4 or 5 people that just get off pointing out "OMG THIS SHOULD BE ON THE DISCUSSION THREAD" like its the new grammar whore...

My original impression was that the discussion thread was to be used the day of the episode to discuss the episode and protect different time zones from the outcome of the show. this allows members to talk about the episode and freely discuss winners/losers, with the clear understanding that if you peek, you WILL get spoilers.

There has been a lot of drama about posts generated independently of the discussion thread which DO NOT talk about the outcome, but rather, details about the show, such as OMG Santino wore a blue shirt and I love it. Or "someone's sexual orientation lalalalal" which has nothing to do with the outcome of the show. But still people, along with the moderator, lash at these posters for not putting their thoughts in the discussion thread.

bottom line: WHEN do we posts non discussion thread entries? Is it 1 day after the episode airs, or 2 days? at midnight central time? and is it "fair" to at that point a spoiler without the use of an lj cut? what exactly should be the nature of the NON discussion thread? Can such thing even exist? Does this also apply to QUOTES from the episode, and if so: does this mean that ALL ICON POSTS must fall under the f'ing discussion thread?

the REAL bottom line: CONFUSED? I sure the hell am. This community is COMPLETELY NUTS and its like taking a test sometimes. I thought this group was about people who liked the show: people who wanted to discuss the show. Period. I didn't think there was a class on : "project runway lj 101 how to use."

It seems to me that if we are to be restricted to One or two threads, there is no need to be on lj, lets just move to YAHOO GROUPS (ohhhh hit em where it hurts...)
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