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Project Runway Junior

Is anyone watching Project Runway Junior?

I started watching, expecting to hate it. Threads was vile. But these teens are actually kind of talented and not obnoxious at all. And watching Tim with them is fun. They're excited to be doing what they are doing, and Tim is feeding off their excitement. The show is actually enjoyable, at least for me. I'd almost say it is better than the last regular season.

The level is differen?

Is it me or this season level truly low compare with all seasons or let's just compare it with season13.
I watched till ep 9, yet hadn't found any good design than WOW me. Like how I would always watch again for season 13, it had the best designer to compete and intriqu each other to try the hardest.
Michael links lip

Is anyone still watching?

So I for one am still watching, though I gave up on All Stars, just because of Tim. As long as Tim is there I'm watching. But holy cow I think this season is going to be such a train wreck. I mean, just in the first few minutes seeing Tim's reactions to these designers scares me. But I can't help myself. I need Tim Gunn on my tv.